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Why is Japan so hot?

Home decor liquidator.com The Japanese are known for their luxury home decor and the hypebeast is the most popular luxury home decoration brand in Japan.The company makes some of the best products available to the Japanese consumer.Hypebeasts is a home decor brand in the United States and is widely known for its highly-priced products.HONORABLE MENTION: […]

Why is my Christmas home decorated?

The festive season is upon us, and some homes are starting to get a bit of festive spirit.Here are our picks for some of our favourite Christmas decorating ideas, with the best in our area and our favourite decorating experts.Christmas decorations: The great British Christmas tradition has seen some truly spectacular and festive decorating.The decorations […]

When a ‘classic’ home decor statue comes to life

A retro home decor sculpture, originally made for the 1940s, has finally returned to life.The “Home Gym” statue from the 1940’s is part of the “The Home Gym” collection of sculptures.It was purchased by the “Home” project at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.The original “Home Grocery” statue, from the 1950s, is […]

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