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Kirkland, a home decor company, launches a crowdfunding campaign to build a “weird” home

Kirkland Home Furniture, a startup that’s building a creepy house out of recycled electronics, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help its employees design a house that “weeks” to resemble the interior of a zombie apocalypse.Kirkland is seeking to raise $4,000 per house, but is asking for $5,000 in funding in exchange for their design […]

Black home decor website ‘sued’ for copyright infringement

Home decor website “Black Home Decor,” a website that sells black and white, white and gray home decor items, has been sued by a woman who claims the items are infringing on copyright, the Associated Press reported Friday.“We are aware of this lawsuit and will vigorously defend against it,” the site’s website said.The woman, who […]

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