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Stratton Home Decorates Wedding Rooms with Hanging Truss

Hanging trusses from the ceiling help to make the home look bigger and brighter than it is.These stunning new decor pieces from the designer Stratton are a perfect gift for the special someone you love!Stratton home decoration products range from hanging trusss, floor tiles, wall coverings, wall hangings and more.They are also available in a […]

The best home furnishings for boho style

The best furniture for bohos?It depends on who you ask.It’s all about style.We’ve rounded up the best home furniture for the boho crowd to choose from, from chic to vintage, to rustic to modern.The best home d├ęcor in your backyard: From the stylish to the downright uglyThe boho, or boho chic, trend began in the […]

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