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How to DIY Your Dream Home with Rugs

Rugs and other decorative items are an important part of your home.They can make your space more inviting, more functional, more luxurious, and more fun.Here are five of our favorite ways to decorate your home that will make it look like your dream home.1.Make It Your Own: You can make a rug from scratch, but […]

‘This Is My House’: My First Terrarium And Its Unique Way To Add Happiness

The most unique and stunning home decor that I have ever seen was my house in Santa Cruz, California.This was back in 2012 when I had my first pet and my first house.I remember sitting at the kitchen table watching my mom put on a dress.She looked so pretty in her bright red floral gown, […]

How to build a Gothic home in just 2 weeks

Home decor trends are shifting to incorporate more Gothic influences into their decor. As home d├ęcor trends shift, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to the Gothic theme for inspiration.There are a number of styles of Gothic home decor in the market and this is no exception.Here’s a list of home […]

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