Blinds for blind people in the US are ‘more than just a cost of doing business’

US home decor retailers Magnolia Home Decorators have announced a number of measures aimed at increasing their visibility in the home decor industry. Magnolia HomeDecorators says it is now offering blind customers a $40 (£30) discount on all products with blind products. The company says its goal is to “make our products more accessible to our customers”. Magniola […]

How to make your own Ikea furniture

The world’s first Ikea design desk has been revealed by a UK furniture company.The design is based on the company’s new digital furniture platform, Ikea Digital, which was launched last year and which allows consumers to create their own digital furniture using digital images, including wallpapers, wallpaper and furniture designs.The new desk is a collaboration […]

How to buy home decor: How to get the most out of your home

The big questions from home decor enthusiasts, whether they’re buying home decor or buying an existing home, are: What size room do I need?Is it appropriate?Is there enough space?What type of flooring should I use?What color do I want?Can I decorate it?These are all questions that can be answered by a home decor website.But what […]

Farm home decor: New house styles, trends, trends

Farm homes are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the U.S. and around the world, but in the past, there have been relatively few new styles of home decor.This year, however, many new homes are adding a new style of home decoration that’s much more refined and sophisticated than what’s been available before.There are […]

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