When did Christmas break out in Southern California?

On Thanksgiving, the first holiday of the year, there are lots of big, red lights at Christmas trees, but for many Southern California residents, there is also a big, big black Christmas tree in the backyard.

And for many, the Christmas tree is the center of their lives.

For those living in Southern Calif., the holiday season has become a year of family gatherings and celebrations.

So it makes sense that for many families, Thanksgiving would be a chance to bring the family together for the holidays.

But there are some differences in the way many Southern Californians celebrate their holiday traditions.

It all started in 1892, when the first Thanksgiving meal was served in a diner in San Francisco, California.

The first Thanksgiving holiday celebrations were held at a nearby bar, and the idea was to serve them to the customers of the bar.

Today, Thanksgiving dinners are held in restaurants across the country.

The main difference is that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, people still ate turkey instead of turkey dinner.

Some say the differences stem from the Thanksgiving holiday and how they celebrated it.

According to the National Thanksgiving Day Committee, in some places, there was a tradition of having a large meal for the whole family and then a large Thanksgiving dinner for the families of the guests.

For example, the United States had a tradition in some states of having large dinner parties for families, followed by a large turkey dinner and the last day of the celebration.

But other states had a different tradition of just having a dinner party for the guests and the whole house.

These were the days before social media, so many people didn’t have the social media skills to post Thanksgiving parties on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

For some people, Thanksgiving is about the family, and for others, it’s about getting together for a good time.

For the most part, Thanksgiving can be an occasion for family gatherings, but there are other traditions that have grown in popularity over the years.

One of the most popular traditions in Southern America is the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

On the day of Thanksgiving, there’s a large parade of holiday decorations, many of which are red and white.

They are held on the streets of the Southern California cities of El Dorado, Torrance, and Los Angeles.

The parade takes place every year in several cities, including El Dorada, Torreon, and Venice.

It’s an annual tradition that is held in both Southern California and across the United State.

It started as a celebration of the Thanksgiving festivities in Los Angeles in 1891.

Today, the parade is held on a different street in El Dorador, which is near Venice, in Los Alamitos, and in Torrance.

It starts with the traditional “Mardi Gras” parade, with floats, dancers, and musicians.

It then moves on to a procession that is decorated with holiday-themed decorations.

At the end of the parade, the procession heads back to the parade route.

The traditions of the Christmas holiday have continued to change over the centuries.

During the 19th century, many people used red and yellow lights to decorate their homes.

Today’s holiday decorates can be decorated in many ways.

And some of the traditional decorations have become trendy.

The first Thanksgiving dinner, for example, was served at a bar.

But the dinner was served on the same street as a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

For many, Thanksgiving dinner is the most important day of their holiday.

For the last 30 years, people in Southern Californias home have been decorated in different ways.

The decorations are different depending on the season and the holidays they celebrate.

But one tradition that has remained unchanged for the past 300 years is the red and green Christmas tree.

This is a traditional Christmas tree for Southern Californian families.

And it’s been around for thousands of years.

The tree has a large white, red, and green flagpole, and a large red and blue wreath.

The holiday season is a time to bring out the family.

The tree is used as a focal point for decorating the home, and it can even be used as an open air party room.

This tradition has continued to grow in popularity, and many of the decorations are now more than a decade old.

A lot of people love the decorations that decorate homes.

And they enjoy the fact that it’s a traditional tradition that celebrates a traditional time of year.

But some people say the decorating can be a bit off-putting to some people.

One reason is that the Christmas decorations can be difficult to see and can also have a lot of color.

For those who are allergic to red and orange, they may find it difficult to find Christmas decorations.

Another reason is the color red and the white and green can make it hard for people to see the color of the tree.

But others are just happy to see a new decoration for the holiday.

It can bring a bit

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