Why You Should Consider Steampunk Home Decor

Steampunk is a cool, eclectic genre that encompasses many styles of furniture, but what makes it so special is the sheer number of unique and creative ways you can use it.

The style originated in Europe in the 1920s, and today, steampunk houses are all the rage, with designers, artists, and artists all trying to make something unique and interesting out of the old, rustic materials.

Whether it’s using reclaimed wood for furniture, building a futuristic, steampowered home from the original designs of the steampunk era, or using the world’s most exotic plants for furniture decoration, steams are a perfect home decor theme.

Here are 10 of our favorite steampunk home designs to add to your decor.


Grafton House by Andrew Riggie, creator of the Graftons Illustrated series.

“A little bit of everything: an open floor plan, an open kitchen, a rustic dining room, and an open bathroom.”

Flickr/Andrew Riggies 2.

The Bally House by Mark Waugh.

“This home was built from the inside out.

It has a lot of natural light and natural ventilation.

It was built for the living room and kitchen, so it’s a beautiful combination.”


The Red House by David Waugh, creator and co-creator of the Waugh family’s popular book series, The Red.

“The Red is a home for a lot more than just the house: it’s about love, community, and friendship.”


The Piedmont House by Michael Gaugh, founder of the award-winning book series The Pledgers, The Painted Pines, and The Paedersons.

“I loved the idea of an open-plan, minimalist home with no windows.

The interior has an interesting mix of natural wood, natural stone, and natural brick.”


The Tullamore House by Daniel Lister.

“An open plan home in an area of the country that is known for its timber and woodlands.

A great combination of old and new.

Beautiful design and a little bit creepy.”


The Waugh House by Stephen Gaugh.

This house is an eclectic mix of rustic furnishings, with a lot going on in the living and dining areas.

“It has a great open plan and natural lighting in the dining room.

A little bit more of a Victorian feel than the typical Victorian-era house.”


The Ritz House by Kevin Krieger.

“If you’re looking for a beautiful place to build a home in the woods, this is a perfect place.”


The Cairn House by Christopher Pyle.

“For a home that is set in the woodlands of New Zealand, this home has a natural light.

It’s got an open plan, with natural wood floors, a natural fireplace, and wood-burning wood.”


The New Orleans House by Ryan McCord.

“When it comes to creating a rustically themed home, you’re going to have to go for the big, beautiful design with lots of natural lighting.

A rustic look is perfect.”


The Hill House by Peter Cottle.

“Homeowners of all ages can find their own style to their house, and this home looks very much like that.”

What do you think of these 10 home decor trends?

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Image: The Red/Waugh House

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