10 books to get your books up to date with the latest in home decor

Books that will help you get your home up to snuff are getting a lot of love from home-dwellers.

This year’s Home Decor Book of the Year is called 10 books you need to read to get all your home decor book-related needs met.

If you’re a first-time home decor buyer, here are 10 books that can help you make the most of your first home.


Get the Right Book to the Right Home 2.

Home Decoration Is an Art 3.

How to Design a Custom Home 4.

Make Your Own Home-Dwelling Chair 5.

The Art of Home Decorative Furniture 6.

How To Build a Custom Bed 7.

How Home Decorate is a Skill 8.

10 Great Home Decors for Kids 9.

10 Books to Read to Get Started with Home DecOR 10.

How Much Do You Need to Build a Home?

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