Republicans want to stop ‘bias’ against Muslims

A Republican group is circulating a petition that calls for a boycott of the Thanksgiving holiday over a video that shows an imam in the U.S. encouraging followers to kill American citizens.

The White House says the video is “offensive” and calls for it to be removed from YouTube.

The Muslim American Society (MAS), a non-profit advocacy group, is distributing a petition asking people to sign it.

The group says the Muslim community should not be allowed to participate in a holiday honoring the “sacredness of the life and death of our Prophet Mohammed” when it comes to the “cruel, inhuman, and inhumane treatment” of Muslims in the United States.

The video, which was first posted to YouTube in November, shows Imam Zaid Al-Bana in Washington, D.C., making the call for followers to “take out” Americans.

“It’s a holiday for the Muslims and it’s a celebration of their sacrifice,” he says.

“The most important thing for Muslims is to live together peacefully.

The most important things for Muslims are to live peacefully.”

The video has sparked outrage among the American Muslim community, who say it encourages hate and violence.

In a statement, MAS president Yusuf Zaydan said the organization is “disappointed” with the White House and “sadly concerned” about the “disturbing video.”

“This is the latest example of the Obama administration’s anti-Muslim policies,” Zaydan said.

“MAS stands ready to work with our Congressional colleagues to end this blatant and un-American act of hate.”

The White, House, and Republican parties have all condemned the video, calling it a “hate crime.”

CNN’s Matt Lee, who was not on the call, was on the phone with Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Al-Zaid says he doesn’t believe that it is necessary for Muslims to kill Americans.

He says the goal of Muslims is the “promotion of Islam,” and the violence will not stop until that happens.

The clip is part of a larger trend of the U,S.

President Donald Trump’s policies, which has been seen in other countries, including Germany, where he is seeking re-election.

He has also been criticized for not doing enough to protect the rights of Muslims.

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