What you need to know about Irish home decor

It’s hard to say when Ireland was home to a revolution in home decor.

But we certainly had a start.

In 1923, a local man named Joseph Collins, who was an avid painter, invented the idea of using white chalkboard to paint on walls and ceilings.

By 1940, his wife, Mary, was giving birth to a daughter and, at age 25, Collins had begun selling white chalkboards to businesses around Dublin.

The Irish home d├ęcor scene began to take shape, and Collins had created a thriving business selling white chalkboards.

In 1953, Collins moved his business to Belfast, where he established the home decor company Shein.

In the early 1970s, Collins opened his second shop, a furniture store, and later expanded to include a coffee shop and an ice cream shop.

After the war, Collins began creating the designs for Irish home decorations, including the “Lion King” series of china, glass, marble, and ceramic pieces, as well as other iconic Irish designs.

In 1993, Collins and wife Mary sold the company to the Israeli-owned company Hapoel Tel Aviv.

In 2007, the Shein name was sold to the family of Israel’s first-born king, David.

That same year, Shein was renamed “Hapoel,” a nod to its Hebrew roots.

Today, Sheintz is the largest company in the Irish home decoration industry and continues to be a major supplier of chinese, glass and ceramic goods in Ireland.

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