Month: October 2021

When did Christmas break out in Southern California?

On Thanksgiving, the first holiday of the year, there are lots of big, red lights at Christmas trees, but for many Southern California residents, there is also a big, big black Christmas tree in the backyard.And for many, the Christmas tree is the center of their lives.For those living in Southern Calif., the holiday season […]

Why ‘Easter Home Decor’ isn’t a holiday gift for all

“Easter home d├ęcor isn’t for everyone.But if you can get over your fear of spending Christmas without it, there are a few things you can do with it.”And, as always, there’s the gift for you.“I love how this year’s theme is so colorful,” said Heather, “and the way the pictures and prints are laid out […]

How to find the perfect vintage house

There’s a certain sense of excitement and anticipation about the moment when the vintage home decor store opens, and I’ve spent countless hours trawling through racks of bookshelves and looking for inspiration.I’ve also noticed a lot of people have the same response: “Oh, it’s too much fun”.But for me, there’s something more exciting than just […]

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