Burlington home decor: How much do you really need to decorate your home?

By JAMES FANNELL | The Burlington Free PressEditor | February 20, 201910:08pm|Updated February 21, 201911:04pm|The cost of decorating your home may not be as high as you think.

Home decor experts say you need to spend about $1,000 to decorating a home in Burlington, Vermont, according to a report from Burlington-based home decor company, Burlington Homes.

The price tag is about $4,200 per room.

Burlington Homes also said the cost of furnishing and installing a home’s amenities is also about $5,000.

That includes a roof over your head, appliances, an air conditioner, a fireplace, and more.

Home owners in Burlington who wish to spend less can check out Burlington Homes online store, where they can purchase custom-built items and get personalized recommendations.

Here’s a look at the prices for various items you can expect to pay for a Burlington home.

The cost for a home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in Burlington: $2,500The cost per room for a one-bedroom, two-bathroom, one-bathrooms Burlington home: $1 of $1.00The cost to decorates a Burlington house with a fireplace and gas fireplace: $6The cost in Burlington to buy a second-floor kitchen, and add a dishwasher: $3There are also some items that aren’t on the list.

There are also a number of accessories you can buy for your home that you may not have had the option of.

There’s a $2.50 water-faucet and a $7.50 dishwasher that you can get for free.

The home decorating website, BurlingtonHomes, recommends a range of items, such as wood-burning stoves, stoves with gas, and a dishwasher that’s not on the Burlington Homes list.

For more Burlington home-care tips, check out our guide on how to make your home more comfortable.

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