Stratton home has vintage style decor

Stratton, Utah — — Stratton has long been known as a home for retro decorators and it has a large collection of vintage decor.

Now, the home is getting a big makeover.

The Stratton family says they are renovating a barn that they own in Stratton to include more of the original vintage furniture.

The family said they were working on the renovations about a year ago and were excited to be able to add a few new items to the house, such as an old-school fireplace.

“I think we can add more of these vintage items to make it a bit more interesting, and we can also add some modern items to really make it feel like home,” said John Stratton.

The Stratton’s will be making some new additions to the home, too.

John Strpton said the renovations will be a little different than most of the rest of the Stratton house.

“The new decor that we are going to be doing is very different than what we are used to, and that’s a good thing because you want to have the people that come in that know your history and who are very loyal and appreciate what you do and who you love,” said Stratton who also owns a home in the town of Stratton with his wife, Nancy.

The new house will be decorated in the same style as the original Stratton cabin.

The house is owned by John Strathy, but it is also owned by Nancy and Nancy’s children.

They have put up a $200,000 loan on the house to buy the house.

The renovations will also include adding an old fireplace to the kitchen and adding a vintage light show in the living room.

The light show will be on for the rest in the main living room, which will be turned into a full stage.

The first phase of the renovations is expected to be completed by late March.

The new house is expected go up for sale in March 2018.

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