Swedish home decor designer unveils his newest design

The designer behind one of the hottest new home decor trends in Sweden, Swedish home designer Sven-Kristian Wojtyla, has come up with a stunning new design for a Scandinavian home that looks like a giant Lego block.

The design, which Wojtla describes as a “home on wheels,” has been called the “most ambitious project of my life,” but it’s not quite finished yet.

The first photos of the new home were posted on Instagram on Saturday, showing off the house with a massive brickwork exterior and a glass roof that makes it look like a space station.

“I wanted to take a completely new approach with my home design,” Wojtalas says.

“It is not only about architecture, it is about the atmosphere, about the mood and how it should be made.

It is about a futuristic and futuristic feel, like a spaceship or a spaceship simulator.”

The design also includes a giant “glass roof,” an open space for guests to relax and explore, and a fireplace.

The “glass” is the part of the roof that can be removed and replaced with anything else you can think of.

The interior is made up of two rooms: one for guests, and one for staff.

The staff room has a fireplace, a large kitchen with a sauna, a bathroom, a library, and “a small dining room with tables and chairs.”

It’s the perfect size for an extended stay, but it also looks like it would make a great “workout room,” Woztalas told The Huffington Post in an interview.

“For people who like to go for a long-distance journey, this is a perfect place for that,” he said.

“But for people who don’t like going far, this can also be used as a place to work out.”

The other room has “a little balcony with an indoor pool,” Waztalas added.

“If you want to have a picnic, or a picnic with your friends, you can go there.”

Wojdyla designed the home in collaboration with Swedish architecture firm Anderbygård, which specializes in modular houses.

The architect said he decided to use the space as a meeting place after the collapse of the Swedish housing bubble.

“In the aftermath of the bubble, the whole city has been hit with an influx of migrants,” he told HuffPost.

“The housing crisis is now a very visible phenomenon.

It’s hard to go to a public event or a concert, and you have to go out into the cold to warm yourself up.

This is an area that has always been a hot spot for migrants, so it’s also a place where they can find accommodation.

But the problem is that they have nowhere to go.”

The designers built the house on a foundation of traditional Scandinavian architecture.

The main structure consists of a wooden cabin with a fireplace and a roof that is completely covered in glass.

The two rooms have a fireplace with a glass interior, and the library, dining room, and living room are connected to it by a glass window.

The glass window separates the main bedroom from the other rooms.

The second bedroom has an open-air bathroom.

A small dining table is located at the end of the main room, while a large wooden stool and a large couch are located at each end of each of the other two rooms.

There are two bathrooms in each room, which are connected by a large glass shower curtain.

The kitchen is divided into two rooms, with the main one having a wooden countertop and a sink and the smaller one having an open kitchen.

The bedrooms have two different furniture options: one has a small bed and a table, while the other has a bed, a dresser, and an armoire.

A large wall is placed at the front of the living room, where guests can relax in the sun or a hammock.

The large outdoor pool is located on a small hillside, where people can enjoy a splash or enjoy the sun.

A sauna and a small sauna are located inside the main cabin.

The roof has two glass sides, and each side has a “window” with a small window that lets people watch a sunset.

A glass floor covers the living area, while there is also a “breathable” glass roof in the middle of the house.

The exterior walls are covered with “tents,” which are made of wood, and they are also made from glass.

“We chose to use a very modern material,” Wuztalas said.

The house also has a saunas, hot tubs, and even a sapphire spa.

The new home, which was built with support from the Swedish Land Agency, was initially scheduled to open in late 2018, but the company that manages the property said it was “too expensive” for its scale and scope.

A spokesperson told HuffPost that the design was already in the design stage, and was expected to be completed by the end or beginning of

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