Black home decor website ‘sued’ for copyright infringement

Home decor website “Black Home Decor,” a website that sells black and white, white and gray home decor items, has been sued by a woman who claims the items are infringing on copyright, the Associated Press reported Friday.

“We are aware of this lawsuit and will vigorously defend against it,” the site’s website said.

The woman, who goes by the online name “Miss Black,” claims she has an interest in the items because of the color of her skin.

The website’s description on its homepage states the items come in different sizes, but none are the same size as the ones advertised on its website.

The description does not indicate if the items would be made in black or white.

The Associated Press reached out to the woman, whose identity was not released, but she did not respond.

The lawsuit was filed in San Diego County Superior Court in August.

The AP reported that the lawsuit names Black Home Decoration LLC as the owner.

The “Black” in Black Home decor refers to a black skin color, which is a popular color for many Americans.

The site’s description of the items says, “The color of your skin is the source of your uniqueness, your individuality, and your true sense of self.”

The site also states that each item is “made with the finest black and whites, grays, and reds.”

The suit states the company was “sued on grounds of copyright infringement.”

It also said that Black Home decor did not comply with copyright law by not using trademarked names such as “White House” or “White Owl.”

It is unclear what other legal actions are being pursued by the company, according to the AP.

A spokeswoman for the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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