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The French home decoration world is buzzing over an online petition launched last week urging the country to legalize the use of marijuana.

The petition, which has received more than 1.2 million signatures, calls for the decriminalization of marijuana, but does not specify the amount of marijuana a person can use in the home.

The “ban the weed” petition was launched on social media by Paris-based photographer AndrĂ© Poulenc, who has worked as a documentary photographer in the country.

The petition calls for legalization of marijuana use in France, and for its regulation by the French government, a stance opposed by many in the French establishment.

Poulenc told The Associated Press that he’s been in contact with lawmakers in France’s conservative, conservative-leaning National Assembly.

He said he’s not sure if marijuana will be included in any legalization bills.

Poulin, who is a French-American, said he has not seen a petition about legalization that focused on marijuana.

He said the current laws around marijuana use are so lenient that the use is not considered a crime.

But with a growing number of French citizens who are also drug users, he said he doesn’t see a way to keep it legal.

“If we’re going to legalize marijuana, I think it’s better to decriminalize it than to legalize it and have it as a criminal offense,” Poulen said.

“I think it would be much more acceptable if the government decided that it was OK to use it for medicinal purposes.”

He said marijuana use could be viewed as a form of artistic expression and that marijuana could also be used to treat medical conditions.

He also said legalizing marijuana could open up new opportunities for the arts, such as museums.

The French government has said that it does not believe that legalizing marijuana would be a good way to reduce the use.

But some experts argue that the government should legalize it because of its potential economic impact.

In a poll conducted by the International Centre for Drug Policy Research in December, 65 percent of respondents said legalizing pot would reduce drug use in their country.

About 18 percent said the same for decriminalizing it.

“Legalization and decriminalization are both things that could bring some benefits,” said Poulens, who lives in Paris and said he supports the “ban it” petition.

“The main reason I’m supporting this is that marijuana legalization has been a topic that has been discussed in France for a long time,” Poulin said.

“The problem is that the public doesn’t want to talk about it.

They think that it’s taboo.”

Poulen and Pouinc said they are looking forward to seeing the “pot-free” movement in France.POUINC: I think that France is already on the right track.

It has a very high percentage of marijuana users and, I guess, the country has not yet started a serious discussion about it, but that’s something that’s coming.

And, yes, marijuana is legal.PALAZZA: I’m so excited that the country is moving forward with legalization.

It’s a good sign.

I hope it leads to a positive change for the world, as well as for France.

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