Wisteria Home Decor is for everyone

Wisterias are known for their soft floral motifs and their unique color schemes.

Now that Wisteriia has expanded their home decor empire, they have added a little something special for everyone.

In a video posted on their Instagram account, the company announced that their new collection of Wisterian house decor is for anyone who likes floral decorations, but also people who enjoy their handmade decor and love the softness of the flowers.

The company shared a new collection featuring their signature Wisterial flower collection.

The new collection features six new designs, each one featuring a different color and pattern of flowers.

You can get a look at the new collection in the video below.

The collection includes the following new designs: 1.

Pumila 1-color floral wisteria wreath: $29.99 2.

Wisterio wreath floral wreath $34.99 3.

Wiero wreath flower wreath w/shaded leaves $32.99 4.

Soma wreath 2-color wreath with white & red leaf $37.99 5.

Wieners 3-color, wreath & flower wreaths $38.99 6.

Wiens 3-diamond wreath (3 colors, w/lots of diamonds) $36.99 7.

Pumba wreath 4-color flower w/mushroom & blue leaves $39.99 8.

Winescantrella wreath w/red leaves & wreath-shaped wreath pattern $41.99 9.

Pomegranate wreath flowers w/purple & orange leaves $46.99 10.

Sibyl wreath 3-colored wreath/leaf wreath patterns $50.99

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