‘The Art of Living’ is about getting dressed for the office

We’ve all had a hard time finding the perfect dress for the upcoming office Christmas party, and if the last time we did it was with the wrong one, the new designer from The Art of Being is trying to change that.

The new outfit is inspired by a famous painting of a young man dressed in a black suit.

“When I first saw the painting, I was just like, ‘Wow, this is going to be so cool,'” designer and founder, Anna Maria Lipschultz, told Mashable.

Lipschutz has since been inspired to create a new suit, which features a black leather jacket, and a red blazer.

There’s a new design for men and women, and an assortment of new patterns to choose from.

For men, there are classic ties and coats with matching shoes, and men’s suits are fitted with a blazer and a tailored shirt.

It’s all about being able to enjoy a new outfit without getting too overwhelmed by the traditional elements of a Christmas party.

“I think the most important thing is having an overall wardrobe,” Lipsen said.

So what are some of the best dress styles for office Christmas parties?

Lipsches is excited to share some of her favorites.

First up, check out this collection of suits for men that she says she likes.

And for women, Lipschi has her favorites in her collection of classic ties.

Lipschi also has a collection of tie patterns that she believes is unique to office parties, so it’s not as easy to choose as it is to buy a suit from a department store.

But Lipscht is definitely going to make the most of it with her Christmas party outfits.

“The thing that I’m always trying to get out of my outfits is a little bit of personality,” she said.

“I always want to be able to wear something with personality and flair that you just can’t get in a store.”

If you want a classic suit that you can wear to work, check Lipscha’s classic ties out at her website.

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