When will you be able to start getting rid of your home decor?

When it comes to the decorating of your place of residence, it may seem like an insurmountable task, especially when you are the proud owner of a large amount of expensive items.

But that is exactly what you will be getting rid off this time next year.

The Maharashtra government has issued guidelines for home decorating that will make the process much easier and affordable.

The guidelines are a step towards making it easier for people to decorate their homes, said Manoj Kumar, Minister of State for Urban Development.

According to the guidelines, there are three categories of furniture that will be allowed to be used in decorating a home.

These are: furniture used in the kitchen, dining table, and other family or guest rooms.

The other two categories of items are: toys, furniture, and furniture accessories.

The state government has also asked for guidelines for the use of glass and other decorative materials in decoration.

It also asked the state government to establish a task force to monitor the use and improvement of decorating.

The first phase of the guidelines is meant to facilitate the creation of new guidelines.

In the second phase, a team of experts will be formed to implement the guidelines.

The State Cabinet is also set to decide the final direction on the guidelines after reviewing the guidelines in a meeting with the states and Union Territories.

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