The Best Of The Silver Home Decor Trends Of The 60s

The silver home decor trend of the 60s featured a wide variety of house designs with the majority of them being classic and elegant.The home decor industry as a whole, however, did not become popular until the mid-70s.With a high demand for the silver home decoration, designer James Ralston’s designs for his new house in […]

Why are we all decorating our homes?

What does decor mean to you?It’s a word that comes up often when we discuss decor, but it’s often the subject of an awkward pause.The phrase comes from the ancient Greek word “dolēgē,” which means “to decorate,” but it was never used in English.For centuries, the meaning of decor was limited to the home.The word […]

Why is it so hard to find new things to decorate in your home?

Home decor is an old-school concept, so why do so many people keep putting it off?This article will answer that question and other questions you might have.First, why do some people put their decor on the back burner and why aren’t there more of them?The answer is simple: They like to decorat.It’s an activity that […]

Burlington home decor: How much do you really need to decorate your home?

By JAMES FANNELL | The Burlington Free PressEditor | February 20, 201910:08pm|Updated February 21, 201911:04pm|The cost of decorating your home may not be as high as you think.Home decor experts say you need to spend about $1,000 to decorating a home in Burlington, Vermont, according to a report from Burlington-based home decor company, Burlington Homes.The […]

Stratton Home Decorates Wedding Rooms with Hanging Truss

Hanging trusses from the ceiling help to make the home look bigger and brighter than it is.These stunning new decor pieces from the designer Stratton are a perfect gift for the special someone you love!Stratton home decoration products range from hanging trusss, floor tiles, wall coverings, wall hangings and more.They are also available in a […]

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